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Donor Tributes

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank's mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. The families of the donors below have chosen to honor the legacy left by their loved ones: the legacy of sight given to another through eye donation. Each of these donors moves, humbles and inspires us every day.

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In Loving Memory of

Coy Shull

1993 - 2014


We were so happy to hear that a young person in Colorado received one of our sons corneas. Coy was an avid outdoors-man for his whole 20 years on this Earth. He loved to fish, hunt - large game, small game, waterfowl. Coy was almost always the one in the group to attain his goals when fishing and hunting. Coy spent as Much time as possible outside. Coy always had a special connection to animals... And Humans, especially children. He was very kind and easy to love. The two corneas that were donated by Coy watched a most beautiful Colorado sunrise the morning before he crossed over the bridge to be with his maker. Coy's family was with him to experience/share that sunrise in the solar atrium at the hospital where he spent his last week. As the sun was rising, (the atrium allowed us to see East and watch the sun come up and also to see West, the Rocky Mountains) and as we turned his bed around so that he could see the beautiful "purple" rocky mountains, his father played an elk bugle on his phone. Coy said "that is NOT funny, dad!" with a Huge smile on his face. :) It is SO very comforting for our family to know that at least one person who received the gift of sight from Coy will have the same view of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado that he had. In this way, Coy is still with us down here on Earth.