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Donor Tributes

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank's mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. The families of the donors below have chosen to honor the legacy left by their loved ones: the legacy of sight given to another through eye donation. Each of these donors moves, humbles and inspires us every day.

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In Loving Memory of

Dee Friedkin

April 1964 - August 2012

Doreen went by Dee to most people. When she moved, w/ her 9 yr.old son, Jeremy, to Colorado from Virginia in 1994, she worked as a food broker. In 1996, my 11 yr. old son, Adam and I moved here from Virginia to continue the relationship we had started in 1994. Dee wanted something more, so she quit her job, and went to school, and received an Associate's Degree in Computer Programming/ Web Development. She graduated w/a 4.0 gpa and was valedictorian of her class. She then went to work as a web developer. She enjoyed the challenge of the job.

Dee was an active and vibrant person who enjoyed the rush of adrenalin. She loved to bunjee cord jump, skydive, and, ride motorcycles.  She bought her first motorcycle in 2006. She loved riding the mountain roads of Colorado.     Several months after starting to get sick, on Oct.28, 2011, she witnessed the birth of her first grandchild, a girl. Jaelyn put the sparkle back in Dee's eyes.   She missed seeing our second grandaughter, Chloe, whi is Adam's daughter. She was born 4 days after Dee's passing.

She was also a very loving and, giving and generous person.  She was proud of who she was, and, stood up for what she believed in. We were proud of the love we have for each other. I say, "have" because I will NEVER stop loving her. I know that she would be happy to know that 2 people are now seeing because of her. I would love to some day meet them, and, tell them what a loving, caring person she was. She's missed by many!

Debbie, Dee's Life Partner