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Donor Tributes

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank's mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. The families of the donors below have chosen to honor the legacy left by their loved ones: the legacy of sight given to another through eye donation. Each of these donors moves, humbles and inspires us every day.

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In Loving Memory of

Coach Richard Rutan

April 6, 1960 - September 11, 2017

Grandpa Richard, Dad, Pops, Rich, Dick, Honey, Love and Coach; These are the names associated with a wonderful man who gave time, care, self, and tons of love to all of those whose lives he touched through his many acts of kindness and desire to leave the world a better place than he found it. Richard spent his time on earth blessing others with his knowledge, inspiration, love, and concern. He approached all things in life with gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful opportunities that presented themselves and held nothing back in order to share and return the goodness found in so much. This amazing soul departed earth on September 11,2017 at the young age of 57, very unexpectedly leaving behind his loving wife, five children and 12 grandchildren devastated by his absence. In all situations Richard excelled at being the best human being he could be and desired to leave a legacy of love through his acts of kindness which he displayed daily. By caring and teaching young people, performing top quality work in any endeavor he engaged in, showing others exemplary ways to deal with uncomfortable situations, and making sure others knew how much he loved them, there was no doubt about his commitment to excellence. In death as in life, his goal was to give back. He did this through organ and tissue donation as he wanted to make sure others would have a quality of life. There are not enough words to explain the effects he had on others from his boy scout troops, his baseball and football teams, teaching young craftsmen the art of gunsmithing or target shooting, teaching his kids how to fix everything from household items to cars, to how to be a loving husband and father. His family loved him and he loved them. Our loss is heaven's gain. We miss him madly and are truly grateful for our time that we were blessed to have him in our lives. God Bless the recipients who were fortunate enough to receive Richard's final gift of life.

~ Paula, Richard's wife