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Donor Tributes

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank's mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. The families of the donors below have chosen to honor the legacy left by their loved ones: the legacy of sight given to another through eye donation. Each of these donors moves, humbles and inspires us every day.

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In Loving Memory of

Phoebe Lester

May 31, 2001 - July 26, 2017

Phoebe loved to dance in the rain and listen to Bob Marley. She loved cookie dough ice cream and ate it every day. Phoebe had three siblings who she loved very much and they were all really close: Wayne, Paul, & Shanne. Phoebe loved spending time with her family, hiking in the mountains, and going to the beach. Phoebe was a hippie at heart and loved tie dye, peace signs, and flip flops. She loved to ski, wakeboard, golf, and was on the cheer team. Phoebe liked everybody--she was friends with everyone, was fun loving and funny. She accepted people for who they were. Phoebe was excited to get her driver's license, which was one month prior to the devastating accident. Phoebe was proud to be an organ donor and would always tell me: "mom, we have one life and one destiny; make it count". These words she said will never leave me. Emotions fill my eyes as I write this for my sweet Phoebe. You are truly an amazing 16 year old, Phoebe. My heart is broken beyond belief. I am the proud mother of a generous and courageous organ donor.

~ Pam, Phoebe's mother