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Funeral Service Professionals

​Funeral service professionals are part of the "Circle of Light" — organizations and people donor families encounter on the journey to leaving a lasting legacy of sight restoration.

At RMLEB, our mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. Wish fulfillment plays an important part of your work with these same families. Because we both serve many of the same families, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is motivated to make our working relationships with funeral homes smooth and long lasting.

The following resources may help you in your work with the eye bank and with eye donor families.

  • State Laws on Donation: Both Colorado and Wyoming statutes require a donation to be carried out prior to embalming. To do so, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank and funeral homes must work together. Colorado Statute 12-34-114(h) and Wyoming Statute 35-5-213(h) speak to the rights and duties of procurement agencies like the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank.
  • Education: The eye bank may occasionally offer education and CEUs, either independently or at the CFDA and WFDA conventions. Custom training at a funeral home site is possible for groups. Watch this area for  information on upcoming opportunities.
  • Expert Consultations: The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank contracts with mortuary science experts who can help solve problems, make recommendations and otherwise assist funeral homes with embalming or restoration of eye donors. To speak with an expert, please call the Public & Professional Relations Department. In Colorado, call 800-444-7479. In Wyoming, call 800-336-6192.
  • Who should I contact with questions?  For all donations in progress, call the eye bank at 800-444-7479, option #1. For all other inquiries, call the Public & Professional Relations Department. In Colorado, 800-444-7479, choose option #3.  In Wyoming, call 800-336-6192.