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Circle of Light Photo Project

A picture is worth a thousand words and we'd like to hear what yours has to say. Each March, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye bank holds a unique fundraiser featuring photographs taken by people who have had a cornea transplant. We'd like to invite you to contribute to our effort by submitting photos you’ve taken after your transplant. It is a great way to support the eye bank’s work while showing the impact of eye donation on the lives of others.

The Circle of Light Photo Project is an art exhibit featuring photographs taken by cornea transplant recipients showing hte things they are most grateful to be able to see again. All the photos will be featured in a video at the art exhibit but 20 to 25 will be chosen by a fine-art photographer for exhibition on the gallery walls. Each of these photos will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to support the eye bank and its mission to fight blindness.

Click here to view past submissions.