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Circle of Light Photo Project FAQ

1. What should I take photos of?

Anything you appreciate seeing that you couldn't before. It may be a sunset, a landscape, a leaf, a flower, your family. It could also depict something you can do that you couldn't before: cooking, skiing, driving...

For inspiration, click here to see submissions from prior years.


2. What happens to the photos I submit?

All of the photos will be part of a video display at the Photo Project's premier held in March, 2019.

Up to 25 selected photos will be hung as art and will be auctioned off to benefit the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. 


3. Will I be notified if one of my photos is selected for exhibit and auction?

Yes. The exhibit program swill feature a short bio of each of the recipients whose photos are selected for the main exhibit. One of our public relations staff members will call you to talk about your bio. 


4. What format should I use?

The most important thing is to submit the highest resolution you have. The eye bank will have the photos formatted and printed (if selected for the main exhibit by our curator). We can take electronic uploads, CDs, or printed photos. (Note that printed photos are the least desirable but we can make it work.)  Upload your photos here or email them to info@corneas.org. 

Be sure to include a submission form if you are mailing printed photos or a CD.


5. Can I include photos of my family?

Yes, but any identifiable people must sign a photo release form in order to be in the video exhibit. No photos with identifiable people will be selected for the main exhibit and auction.