A project of the Lions of

Colorado and Wyoming

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Together, you all contributed over $100,000 toward our sight-restoring mission! Thank you all!

Below is a list of memorial contributors between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017:

In memory Of Randall T. Bartley

  • Joanne Bartley
  • Mary Kitley

In memory of Lou Bell

  • Sabrina Taylor

In memory of Richard Bobenhouse

  • Marjorie Anderson
  • Elizabeth Moore

In memory of Lewis H. Black

  • Sam Black

In memory Of Maxine Bruno

  • Cathy Rowe

In memory of Shaun Peter Cassidy

  • Colleen & David Countryman

In memory of Allen D. Cooper

  • Pat Cooper

In memory of Gary Easterling

  • Ann Easterling

In honor of Estes Park Lions Club

  • Wendy Schuett

In memory of Sheryl L. Flyr

  • Glen Flyr

In memory of Carole Grant

  • Richard Grant

In memory of Mary Frances Guilmette

  • Juanita Guilmette

In memory of Jacy Hoagland

  • Daniel and Bernadette Spinuzzi

In memory of Joshua Klinger

  • Kathleen Anderson

In memory of James H. Littlewood and in honor of Mary Jane Littlewood

  • James and Linda Littlewood

In memory of Marie Marcoux

  • Mary Joelle Marcoux

In memory of Stephen McDonnell

  • Lee and Twila McBride

In memory of Mark McNertney

  • Vada McNertney

In memory of Carol Meek

  • Jimmie and Diane Porter

In memory of Hilda Neiwert

  • Beverly Barraclough
  • Lloyd & Anne Maire Ebidger
  • Linda Horan
  • Richard Hunsaker

In memory Of Jose Orozco

  • Nancy Orozco

In memory of John "Nap" Pieper

  • Dorothy Peiper

In memory of Paul Pfeifer

  • William Rathburn

In memory of Carol Pecchia

  • Micki Scherling

In memory of Doug Queen

  • Kenneth K. Morse
  • Beecher Strube

In memory of Donald Terry Rand

  • Marlene and Bill McCarthy
  • Patricia Taylor

In memory of V. Abbie Scherr

  • Leo Scherr

In Memory Of Donald W. Slater

  • Sue Chin

In memory of Lester J. and Edna M. Speechley

  • Kathleen Speechley

In memory of Dennis Short

  • Diane Hofer
  • Roberta Jeanquart

In memory of Rudy Stanovich

  • Laura Lee Stanovich

In memory of Paul Telleen

  • Cheryl Backsen
  • Deborah Buckmaster
  • Patricia Corbetta
  • Cheryl Froid
  • Carol Hemken
  • Patricia Jacob
  • Wallace Jacobson
  • Carole Kitchell
  • Gerald Olsen
  • Debbie Schwartz
  • John Stark

In memory of Rod Utech

  • Karen Utech

In memory of Betty J. Walsmith

  • Shelley McDanal
  • Henry and Linda Walsmith