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    All pre-sectioned DSEK tissue include the following markings. If you do not want the standard markings, please check those below that you do want. If left unchecked, the standard markings will be used.
    Bed Diameter
    Central Epithelial Mark
    "S" Directional Mark on Stromal Bed

    Please Note: Tissue Choices have been updated and now offer the choice of pre-sectioned tissues for Endothelial Keratoplasties and Intralase Enabled Keratoplasties.

    The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank offers pre-sectioned corneal tissue for endothelial keratoplasty or anterior lamellar keratoplasty. Locally recovered corneas are sectioned in-house and are available as a standard graft of greater than 100 microns and an ultra-thin graft that is between 50-90 microns. Ultra-thin grafts are available for U.S. surgery locations only.

    Tissue for IntraLase-Enabled Keratoplasty is also available. Both types of pre-sectioned tissue is prepared in compliance with applicable governmental and FDA laws and regulations relating to the procurement, storage, processing and distribution of human tissue. The tissue is prepared according to Good Tissue Practices (GTPs) in a dedicated procedures room.

    The process adds only two days to the tissue placement process, so surgeries scheduled according to our scheduling policy (no more than 6 weeks in advance) can easily be accommodated. Please note that pre-sectioned tissues carry additional fees and cannot be returned to the eye bank.

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