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Support Our Mission

It's no secret that the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is one of the most successful Lions projects around. Since 1982, RMLEB has helped local eye donors restore sight to people in nearly every state and over 25 countries. No other local program has such an impact both at home and abroad. We're proud of that and you, as a Lion in our supporting districts, should be too. Consider making a small or large contribution or pledge to the eye bank. Make an online contribution now.

Given its success, it may not be obvious why the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank still needs your financial support. Consider this:

  • As part of the eye bank's charitable mission, its processing fee (the money it gets for the recovery and testing of eye tissues from third party payers such as insurance companies) is discounted or waived about 40% of the time. Why? Not every country is equipped to reimburse the full fee, and not every patient has insurance. If we didn't have this program, many transplantable corneas would be wasted.

  • Governmental regulation has dramatically increased the eye bank's workload in order to comply. Regulatory compliance work doesn't bring income, and additional staff are needed to do that work. One set of regulations caused the eye bank to switch to disposable surgical instruments at an additional cost of nearly $80,000 a year.

  • The rising cost of jet fuel impacts what the eye bank does every day. Sometimes the most suitable recipient for a cornea doesn't live in Colorado or Wyoming. That means the corneas must be transported, and air is the fastest way to get tissue to transplant on time. Whether flying to Oklahoma or Osaka, the costs aren't always reimbursed.

We serve. It's that simple. Your financial contributions go far in helping the eye bank to continue its sight-saving mission. Our histoical dedication to sight-restoration and our community ensures that we'll be good stewards of your contributions. Here are a few ideas:

  • Contribute funds as a club or as an individual Lion

  • Organize an eye bank fundraiser

  • Establish a RMLEB memorial fund

  • Honor dedicated Lions with honorary contributions

  • Assist disadvantaged corneal transplant patients

  • Make an online contribution now