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08/07/18 Circle of Light Photo Project Finds New Home

After the project's host gallery closed earlier this year, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank announced an exciting new partnership with the nonprofit RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver. The center will host the Circle of Light Photo Project in August 2019. ... [view full release]

01/18/18 Sight-Restorative Eye Donations and Transplants in Colorado and Wyoming Break Records

The number of eye donations in Colorado and Wyoming, and the number of sight-restorative corneal transplants performed as a result, were at an all-time high in 2017. ... [view full release]

02/22/17 Once-blind photographers show the world what they can now see

Once-blind photographers show the ... [view full release]

08/24/16 Artwork Network to Host Exhibit of Photos by the Formerly Blind

A unique art exhibit featuring photographs taken by people who were once blind but can now see because of a corneal transplant will return to the Artwork Network gallery from March 6 through March 15, 2017. ... [view full release]

02/03/16 Record Number of Eye Donors Leads to Record Number of Sight-saving Transplants

A record number of people regained their sight because a record number of Coloradoans were eye donors in 2015. The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank reported that 2,355 eye donors from Colorado and Wyoming helped restore the sight of 2,220 people in need of cornea transplants in 2015. These numbers reflect a 14 and 15 percent increase, respectively. ... [view full release]

04/22/15 DMEK Video

RMLEB has been at the forefront of helping train surgeons in new cornea transplant techniques. This spring, RMLEB helped train local surgeons on an exciting new procedure called DMEK. DMEK tissue is much, much thinner and can be transplanted with very minimal incisions and is much less invasive. This greatly reduces the healing time compared to the more common penetrating keratoplasty procedure. Watch a video of preparing the cornea for a DMEK procedure. ... [view full release]

04/14/15 Eye Bank Honors Jack and Christine Nisselius

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank announced today the naming of the Lion Jack and Christine Nisselius Eye Bank Annex in recognition of the couple's contributions to the eye bank over the past 10 years. The annex is a 1,600 square-foot, state-of-art facility where the eye bank's technicians can prepare donated eye tissues for specialized, sight-restoring transplants as well as to develop new techniques of corneal preservation and preparation. ... [view full release]

04/13/15 Eye Bank Begins New Round of Coroner Protocols

As required by Colorado and Wyoming law, the eye bank has begun negotiations with coroners in 86 counties across two states. The idea behind the legislation that creates the protocol requirement is to maximize the number of donations made when a donor's death is under the jurisdiction of a coroner. That objective, however, has proven difficult to achieve in many counties. ... [view full release]

01/28/15 Number of Cornea Transplants from Colorado and Wyoming Rose in 2014

The number of people who received sight-restoring transplants from an eye donor in Colorado or Wyoming rose 10 percent in 2014. While the number of actual eye donors rose only two percent from the prior year to 2,070 donors, the number of transplants they provided rose to 2,297 due to a number of factors, including new surgical techniques and more refined recovery processes. ... [view full release]

09/23/14 Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank Statement on FDA Policy Toward Gay Men as Eye Donors

Recent media coverage of the organ donation made by Iowa teenager, Alexander "AJ" Betts Jr., shed light on the longstanding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations that bar eye tissue donations from male donors who have had sex with another male in the five years prior to donating eye tissues. ... [view full release]

08/12/14 Eye Bank and Boulder County Coroner Sign Agreement

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank (RMLEB) and the Boulder County Coroner have signed an agreement outlining the procedures to be followed when a decedent under the coroner's jurisdiction is an eye, organ and tissue donor. ... [view full release]

06/25/14 Eye Bank Calls on Coroner to Comply with the Law

We call upon Ms. Hall to immediately fulfill her statutory obligations and take the necessary steps to comply with the law in order to maximize the number of donations made for transplant, as the legislature intended. ... [view full release]

06/13/14 RMLEB Campaign Recognized By PR Profession

A campaign designed by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank to increase the number of eye, organ and tissue donors in Wyoming earned a Silver Anvil award by the Public Relations Society of America in New York on Thursday. The award is the profession's most prestigious award and recognizes campaigns that successfully address contemporary public relations issues with exemplary professional skill, creativity and resourcefulness. ... [view full release]

06/03/14 Statement in Response to Boulder County Coroner's Letter

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank issued this statement in response to a letter to the editor by Boulder County Coroner, Emma Hall, published in the Boulder Daily Camera on June 3, 2014. ... [view full release]

05/29/14 The Coroner's role: A Colorado Snapshot

Coroners and the eye bank work together to make donations happen. This snapshot shows how it is working in each Colorado county. ... [view full release]

03/24/14 Wyoming Campaign Gains National Recognition

A campaign to increase eye, organ and tissue donation in Wyoming has earned the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank a selection as a finalist for the Silver Anvil Award. The Silver Anvils are an icon of the public relations profession and are given by the Public Relations Society of America. The awards recognize the very best public relations programs in the nation and the highest standards of performance in the profession. ... [view full release]

02/27/14 Gov. Hickenlooper Proclaims Eye Donor Month

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper has declared March to be Eye Donor Month in honor of eye donors, past and future, whose gift of sight has impacted the lives of tens of thousands in our state and beyond. ... [view full release]

11/21/13 Corneas From Older Donors Do as Well as Those From Younger Donors

Ten years after a transplant, a cornea from a 71-year-old donor is likely to remain as healthy as a cornea from a donor half that age, according to a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. Corneas from donors over age 71 perform slightly less well, but still remain healthy for the majority of transplant recipients after 10 years, the study found. ... [view full release]

10/30/13 RMLEB Adopts New Standards for Measuring Success in Campaigns

Are people more aware of the importance of eye, organ and tissue donation because the eye bank had a booth at a health fair? If so, how many people? Did they take the step of signing up to be a donor? The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank adopted new standards to prove the worth of its public education efforts. ... [view full release]

10/08/13 Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank's Work in Corneal Transplantation Contributes to Total Lifetime Net Benefit of Nearly $6 Billion

Corneal transplants performed in the United States this year will result in nearly $6 billion in total net benefits over the lifetime of the recipients, according to a six-month study undertaken by the Eye Bank Association of America (EBAA). Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank has been an EBAA member since 1982 and will provide 2,000 corneas for transplant this year, with an estimated lifetime value of $173,487,878*. ... [view full release]

07/23/13 Wyoming Sets Record for Donor Sign-ups at the DMV

People obtaining or renewing a Wyoming Driver's License or ID card signed up in record numbers in June, 2013, following impletmentation of a new ad campaign developed by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. ... [view full release]

04/29/13 Wyoming Driver's License Offices Get New Campaign for Organ & Tissue Donation

Cheyenne - The number one reason people don't sign up to be an organ, eye and tissue donor on their driver's license is they think they can't. This tendency to rule oneself out as a candidate for organ and tissue donation is the subject of a new campaign due to hit driver's license offices in Wyoming in mid-May, 2013 ... [view full release]

11/12/12 Previously blind photographers share their world in new art exhibit

Denver - Pictures taken by once-blind cornea transplant recipients make up a new art exhibit that's scheduled to open November 16, 2012 in Denver. The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank asked cornea transplant recipients to participate in its Circle of Light Photo Project by taking and submitting pictures of what they're grateful to see with restored vision. Many of the photos collected will be exhibited at Artwork Network, located at 878 Santa Fe Drive. They will remain on display through November 21. A free reception will be held on November 16 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Additional information is available at www.circleoflightphotoproject.org. ... [view full release]

08/21/12 RMLEB Announces New Partnership

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank has teamed up with Art from Ashes, a nonprofit organization that empowers struggling youth by providing creative programs that facilitate health and hope through expression, connection and transformation. The young poets in the Phoenix Rising Poetry and Spoken Word Program will take inspiration from the Circle of Light Project's photos and stories to create original poems as part of the photo project exhibit. ... [view full release]

04/23/12 Colorado Legislature declares April Donate Life Month

The Colorado Legislature today passed a resolution recognizing April as Donate Life Month. In doing so, both houses praised the work of RMLEB and its partners, Donor Alliance and the many other organizations that work in the arena of eye , organ and tissue donation. ... [view full release]

02/01/12 Coroner Rule-outs Decrease in 2011

Eye donations that were not allowed to take place by a coroner in 2011 dropped by a third in Colorado and Wyoming in 2011. In Wyoming, denials dropped by a whopping 81 percent from 2010. Colorado had a more modest drop of 10 percent from 2010 but two counties had dramatic increases in denials. Adams County had a 600 percent increase in eye donation denials and Boulder County had a 500 percent increase that offset reductions in other counties. Between the two states, eye donations were denied 44 times compared with 62 times in 2010. ... [view full release]

01/11/12 RMLEB Releases 2011 Donation Statistics

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank has released its year-end statistics for eye donation and transplantation. RMLEB saw an increase of more than 200 donors from the previous year, with 1,672 donors in 2010 and 1,876 in 2011. ... [view full release]

01/10/12 20 Million in 2012

Jan. 4, 2012 - Today is Jessica Melore's 30th birthday, a milestone birthday she did not always think she was going to have. At only 16 years old Jessica received a sudden and lifesaving heart transplant. Today, Jessica's story of hope helps to launch Donate Life America's bold new initiative, "20 Million in 2012." ... [view full release]

11/29/11 Irish Cornea Transplant Recipient Spreads the Word about Eye Donation

Annmarie Miles, who lives in Ireland, got her cornea from a donor who lived in Colorado. As a participant in the Circle of Light Photo Project, Annmarie wants to help spread the word on the impact eye donors have. ... [view full release]

04/29/11 New DMV Campaign

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank launched a new campaign for Colorado Driver's License Offices designed to educate the public about eye, organ and tissue donation. The campaign uses photographs from the eye bank's Circle of Light Photo Project. ... [view full release]

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