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Wyoming Sets Record for Donor Sign-ups at the DMV

People obtaining or renewing a Wyoming Driver's License or ID card signed up in record numbers in June, 2013, following impletmentation of a new ad campaign developed by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. Sixty percent of those visiting Wyoming DMV's signed up to be a donor; the highest percentage for Wyoming to date.  

The ads in the driver's license offices were designed to address the number one reason people don't sign up to be eye, organ and tissue donors: they think they can't because of age, lifestyle or health conditions. "The reality," said Robert Austin, the eye bank's manager of public and professional relations, "is that anyone sign up to be a donor. Which organ and tissues that can be used will be decided at the time of death."

Wyoming has always been a leader in the percentage of people who sign up, ranking fifth in the nation for several years. In 2012, Wyoming's rate averaged 58 percent. In the first quarter of 2013, prior to the placement of the new ads, new registrants averaged 59 percent. While the increases seem incrementally small, they are statistically significant. the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank and the Department of Health are monitoring the numbers to see just how big an impact the new ads will have.