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Eye Bank Calls on Coroner to Comply with the Law

Denver, June 25, 2014 — The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank recently called attention to the operations of the Boulder County Coroner's office under Coroner Emma Hall. Last night, Ms Hall won the Democratic primary; she is unopposed in the November election. 

As of this morning, Ms. Hall's office continues to operate outside of Colorado state law. The law requires Ms. Hall to negotiate and enter into a written protocol between our organization, her office and the District Attorney. She has boldly refused to do so during her entire first term, despite our efforts and those of our attorneys. The number of transplantable eye donations in Boulder County under her jurisdiction has fallen as a result. 

Colorado's laws have been designed to make donation easier and more consistent in the face of growing needs for transplantable organs and tissues. We call upon Ms. Hall to immediately fulfill her statutory obligations and take the necessary steps to comply with the law in order to maximize the number of donations made for transplant, as the legislature intended.

Our simple mission is to fulfill the wishes of eye donors and their families to help another overcome blindness. We take our mission and its societal impact very seriously and we will consider all available legal and legislative remedies to ensure compliance with the law going forward.

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is the nonprofit organization responsible for the recovery and transplantation of donated eye tissues in Colorado.