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Circle of Light Photo Project Finds New Home

Circle of Light Photo Project Finds New Home and New Season

It is a powerful collection of art like no other. The Circle of Light Photo Project is an annual exhibit of photographs taken by people who would be blind were it not for corneal transplants made possible by the generosity of eye donors. The photos tell the story of how we take our sight for granted. They show the power of altruism and the impact eye, organ and tissue donation has in the lives of others in our communities. It’s a project that captures the very essence of the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank’s mission to cure blindness through a visual medium. Yet, after the project’s host gallery, Artwork Network, closed in May 2017 to move to an online, digital gallery and art collection, the project was suddenly without a home.

That changed today as the eye bank announced an exciting new partnership with the nonprofit RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver. RedLine’s hallmark is that it fosters education and engagement between artists and communities to create positive social change. Viewing art and arts education through a lens of social issues, the organization ensures equitable access to the arts by working to fulfill a vision of empowering everyone to create social change through art. It is a seemingly perfect fit.

“We are so excited for the opportunities this partnership brings to the project,” said Robert Austin, the eye banks public and professional relations manager. “We have a chance to bring the project and its message to new audiences and in new ways.”

To fit into the center’s exhibit schedule, the Circle of Light Photo Project will moved from the typical time of March to August 2019. “It will be later in the year,” Austin said, “but it gives us time to do some new things with our transplant recipients around the project that we’ve talked about but didn’t have the time to do before. We are very excited about this as well.”

The Circle of Light Photo Project will be at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center from August 12 to August 24. A grand celebration and fund raiser will be held on closing night. All of the photographs will be available for purchase through a silent auction with proceeds benefiting the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank’s sight-saving mission.

RedLine Contemporary Art Center