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New DMV Campaign

"Anyone can sign up to be an eye, organ and tissue donor - regardless of age, health or lifestyle." That's the message in a new campaign in Colorado driver's license offices presented through a partnership with the Colorado Department of Revenue, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, Centura Health and a group of cornea transplant surgeons, Colorado Corneal Associates. Robert Austin, the eye bank's public relations manager, notes that in poll after poll, the public overwhelmingly supports the concept of organ donation. "The problem is," Austin said, "the number one reason people don't sign up to be a donor is they think they can't. People wrongly rule themselves out because of their age, their health or their lifestyle." For example, a common myth is that if you've been told you cannot donate blood, you cannot be an organ donor. "Not true," Austin said. "The same goes for having diabetes, being a cancer survivor, having high cholesterol, blindness or even just being a couch potato. None of things should stop you from saving lives by being a donor." The campaign features photographs taken by people whose blindness was cured by cornea transplants. Each of these transplants were made possible by an eye donor in Colorado and Wyoming. The photos are part of the Circle of Light Photo Project exhibit, which is presented by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank. The exhibit of 25 photographs is touring Colorado and Wyoming. It aims to inspire others to become donors by showing the impact donation can have on people through a visual medium. Each of the 36 state offices and 19 county offices that issue driver's licenses will display the campaign posters.