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Colorado Legislature declares April Donate Life Month

The Colorado Legislature today passed a resolution recognizing April as Donate Life Month. In doing so, both houses praised the work of RMLEB and its partners, Donor Alliance and the many other organizations that work in the arena of eye , organ and tissue donation.

The resolution was sponsored in the Senate by Senator Lucia Guzman and Senator Jean White. Several senators made comments from the floor about their personal experiences with donation. Senator Linda Newell spoke about her borther's eye donation after his death, stressing how moving it was for her family.

In the House, the resolution was sponsored by Rep. Carol Murray and Rep. Dan Pabon. Again, several house members spoke about personal stories. Rep. Cindy Acree spoke about how her husband's cornea donation restored the sight of two people. She said the letter received from RMLEB telling her family the corneas had been transplanted was very satisfying and moving for her family.


To view the resolution, click here.