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RMLEB Announces New Partnership

For the past three years, the Circle of Light Photo Project has inspired hundreds. The collection of photographs taken by people whose blindness was cured by cornea transplants takes the form of an annual exhibit in Denver each November. This year, however, the project will inspire a new audience in a new way.

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank has teamed up with Art From Ashes, a nonprofit organization that works with struggling youth through creative programs focused on positive, interactive activities that are designed to promote healthy thinking and behaviors. The organization's Phoenix Rising Poetry program encourages youth to recognize the power of words to transform perceptions based in victimization and helplessness to creativity and self-determination.

The young poets will use the photographs in the Circle of Light Photo Project, along with the stories of eye donors and transplant recipients, as inspiration for new poems. Selected poems will be displayed along side the photographs in the Circle of Light Photo Project's 2012 exhibit, which opens November 16, 2012 at Artwork Network gallery at 878 Santa Fe Drive in Denver.