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Employment Opportunities

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Working to help fulfill the wishes of eye donors to help another overcome blindness through transplantation and research isn't just a job. It's a purpose. Those who work here not only find success, but significance. 

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is a progressive organization with a strong commitment to the achievement of excellence and diversity. We offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package that includes:

  • Full health, dental, vision and life insurance

  • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

  • 401k retirement savings plan with a matching funds component

  • Paid vacation and sick time

  • Mileage reimbursement

  • Cell phone stipend (certain job descriptions)

  • Payment of your professional association dues

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender variance, marital status, military status or physical or mental disability. This policy applies to all employment practices and personnel actions.

The Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank is a drug free workplace and may require pre-employment drug screening.

To apply for any of the following positions, follow the instructions within the job description or fax a resume and cover letter to 720-848-3938.

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Recovery Technician - PT (as needed) - RIVERTON, WYOMING


JOB TITLE: Part-time Recovery Technician (PTRT). This position is for the area of Riverton, Wyoming

JOB CLASSIFICATION: Part-time, as needed. Note that this position is PRN (as needed) paid on a per case basis and there is no guarantee as to the number of cases or hours.


EDUCATION: Although not required, a Bachelor's degree is recommended.

EXPERIENCE: While no specific experience is required, previous medical experience is viewed favorably. This position is learned through extensive training.

SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Part-time Recovery Technician (PTRT) is responsible for the procurement of eye tissue in his/her local area for the purpose of transplant and research. Technical Trainer and/or Recovery Technician Supervisor (RTS), or other designee, provides training and on-going education. The RMLEB Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be adhered to at all times unless adequate approval for variance has been granted. PTRT's are responsible for routinely reviewing all required or designated training material and attending training related events, including but not limited to, annual excision and SOP review. Passing scores for quizzes or other testing methods may be required. Minimum case numbers may be designated in order to maintain minimum skills proficiency. The PTRT must be able to move and manipulate donor bodies to screen for infectious disease, and must be dependable and professional in appearance and actions.


  • Respond to each call promptly with acceptance or decline
  • Driving to and from recovery locations, hospitals, or other facilities is required. Long distances from time to time may be needed / required
  • Obtain and verify proper consent paperwork
  • Perform a thorough medical record review and fill out RMLEB paperwork accordingly
  • Photocopy or obtain electronic copy of required information from the donor's medical record
  • Perform a thorough physical inspection and ocular penlight exam
  • Perform a post-mortem blood draw and obtain all available lab (premortem) specimens
  • Prepare the donor and recovery site for aseptic procedures
  • Perform an aseptic surgical scrub
  • Utilizing the principles of aseptic/sterile technique, recover ocular tissue (corneas or whole
    eyes) for both transplant and research needs
  • Perform basic restoration for mortuary/family viewing
  • Collect vitreous and provide documentation to medical examiners/coroners
  • Arrange for transportation of tissue back to RMLEB
  • Attend technician meetings or training events as scheduled
  • Maintain RMLEB property (surgical instruments and recovery supplies), including verification of recovery product expiration dates
  • Represent RMLEB professionally to hospitals, coroners, mortuaries, other recovery agencies and to the public

MISCELLANEOUS POSITION REQUIREMENTS: This job requires driving to perform position duties. As such, a valid driver's license, current insurance and access to a personal vehicle are required. Continuing education, training materials, and feedback will be given in order to assess performance. Access to the Internet and a valid email account are required.

SUPERVISOR: Recovery Technician Supervisor

TO APPLY: send a cover letter and resume to Staci Terrin at sterrin@corneas.org. Materials may also be faxed to 720-848-3938. Deadline is January 31.