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Make a Contribution

As a nonprofit organization, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank relies on contributions from the community to carry out its mission to fight blindness through transplantation and valuable medical research. The eye bank does not receive any government funding. Your support helps us continue the fight against darkness. 


Planned Giving

In order to continue to fight blindness across the world, the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank needs your help. In order to preserve our future, consider leaving the eye bank a gift in your name through your will or directive. For information on verbage for your will or revocable living trust, click here.

How do you know which method of support is right for you? To find a charitable gift that best meets your family's needs and supports your eye bank for years to come, you need a plan - and we're here to help!

Call us at 1-800-444-7479 to help get you started.


Double your donation! Click here to see if your company offers a match to your charitable contributions.


Send your contribution to:

Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

1675 Aurora Court, Mail Stop F751

Aurora, CO  80045